2021 PSMLA Executive Council Committees

As you see below, the Executive Council of the Pennsylvania State Modern Language Association has many committees.  We are always looking for more people to assist.  If you feel you are able to volunteer your services in any of the following areas, please contact us.


Charge: To coordinate the nomination and selection process with the Conference Committees, Merit Awards, Cemanahuac Scholarship, Mead Fellowship, and Outstanding Senior Awards, purchase appropriate awards for the annual PSMLA Teacher of the Year Awards (K-12 and Higher Ed)

  • Chair:  Karen Belcastro
  • Consultant:  Jan Stewart
  • Members:   David Brightbill, Junko Yamamoto, Jen Campbell


Charge: To develop advocacy for the study of foreign languages in Pennsylvania, including being alert to current and pending legislation and informing PSMLA members about it; sharing information about foreign language advocacy through PSMLA publications; and organizing letter writing and testimony efforts when needed

  • Chair:  Cherie Garrett
  • Consultant: Mina Levenson,
  • Members: Isabel Espino de Valdivia, Wilma Dunkle, Edith Guay, Melissa Moran


Charge: To make recommendations and create policy regarding the reimbursement of expenses and address general questions on expenditures; to oversee the general budgetary and financial procedures of the organization; to arrange for all audits and reviews of treasury and financial operations.


Charge: To develop strategies for increasing and retaining PSMLA membership from all possible constituents.  Includes: instituting a new lifetime membership—which will necessitate a by-laws change and change in dues structure for Institutional Members who renew for a second year, updating brochures and membership information on the PSMLA website and in the Forum.

  • Chair:  Isabel Espino de Valdivia
  • Consultant: Jan Stewart
  • Committee: Karen Belcastro, Wilma Dunkle, Melissa Moran, Debra Faszer-McMahon

Nominations & Elections

Charge: To solicit recommendations for candidates; prepare a nominations slate for scheduled elections (including short bio, blurb, and photo of each candidate); make recommendations to the Executive Council members (who must approve the slate); send out ballots; and notify candidates of results, duties, and upcoming meetings

  • Chair: Mina Levenson
  • Consultant:  Susanne Nimmrichter
  • Members:  Gabriela Appel, John Grande, Sister Mary Helen Kashuba, Silvina Orsatti, Edith Guay

Professional Development

Charge: To oversee PSMLA's efforts in the area of professional development and establish a Best Practices Network as it relates to the implementation of the World Language.

  • Chair:  David Brightbill
  • Consultant: John Grande
  • Members: Mike Bogdan, Megan Flinchbaugh, Jen Campbell, Junko Yamamoto, Nate Campbell


Charge: To review policies for PSMLA publications and the sharing of information via the listserve and the website, and to suggest ideas for changes in the future.

  • Chair:  Megan Flinchbaugh
  • Consultant: Christina Huhn (PLF), Susanne Nimmrichter (website)
  • Committee for PLF: Sister Mary Helen Kashuba, Debra Faszer-McMahon, Nate Campbell, Cherie Garrett
  • Committee for website: Mike Bogdan, Nate Campbell, Silvina Orsatti, John Grande


Charge: To plan the PSMLA Conference in a given year - 2021.

In addition to the various committees, EXCO members also do the following:

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