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Advertising in 2017 PSMLA/PACIE Conference Brochure


Deadline to submit an ad will be August 15, 2017

Whether or not you will come to our conference, you are invited to place an advertisement in the Conference Brochure, which is distributed to all attendees upon registration.  The brochure will be 11 inches tall by 8.5 inches wide.  The sizes and costs of the ads are as follows:

BACK COVER  11 inches tall X  8.5 inches wide [color] (first come, first served) .... $300 (Sold out: Sold to Global Competence Consulting)

INSIDE FRONT COVER  11 inches tall X 8.5  inches wide [color] .... $200 (Sold out: Sold to Travel & Education)
INSIDE BACK COVER  11 inches tall X  8.5 inches wide [color] .... $200 



All interior ads will be in color:

 FULL PAGE 11 inches tall X 8.5 inches wide ... $100
HALF PAGE  5.5  inches tall X  8.5 inches wide ... $75

QUARTER PAGE  5.5 inches tall X  4.25 inches wide ... $50


You can send your ad on a disc, but e-mailing the ad in pdf format works the best.

e-mail:  jyamamoto40@hotmail.com


If you would like to pay by check, please make it payable to PSMLA and use this form.








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